Our electrical compliance services address all the demands of relevant legislation, regulations and standards that surround safety in electricity. Unlike many providers, we offer total compliance services, from testing to repairs, allowing our clients to rest assured that the electrics in their working environment are safe.

Making sure you are operating in a safe environment and maintaining electrical compliance with safety legislation is vital. Electrical Test Midlands are experts in providing clients with all the information and required services they need to maintain total compliance.


Is the systematic checking of any equipment which has a plug. Our certified engineers ensure that the portable appliances in your working environment are thoroughly tested, delivering a full report within hours of completing the tests. Read more about our PAT Testing Services or contact us for a quote.

Periodic Fixed Installation Testing

Involves testing the electrical circuits and systems that distribute electricity around a building. It covers all the hard wiring in a building, whether that building is commercial, industrial or residential. Read More about Fixed Installation Testing or contact us for a quote.

Thermal Imaging

Is a very effective means of diagnosing electrical faults and failures. Loose connections, which can lead to a build-up of heat and fire, can be identified using thermal imaging cameras, operated by our experienced engineers. Read more about Thermal Imaging or contact us for more information.

Once electrical safety testing has been completed the resultant remedial repairs must be completed.  The risk is that an accident or incident occurs after tests identify a fault but before that fault is remedied. Electrical Test Midlands is unique in that we will identify the faults and offer an Electrical Remedial Repairs service – contact us for a quote.

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