In these unprecedented times we are been told to stay at home, but unfortunately not everyone has this luxury, so as a company, ETM have been asked to carry out electrical compliance services including fixed wire testing on several accommodation blocks which are not being used at universities to ensure they are electrically safe before these are handed over to the homeless. By doing this ETM are helping with the escalated efforts to help protect homeless people from COVID-19 in the UK.

Can we take this opportunity to thank the ETM  team for being our frontline In ensuring we are playing our part in helping the homeless Community in these desperate times.


ETM are accredited specialists in the following areas, providing cost effective compliance services:

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) • Electrical Installation • Electrical Inspection • Fixed Wire Testing• Repairs and Remedial

• Electrical Compliance • Energy Monitoring • Thermal Imaging • Emergency Lighting Testing • Fire Alarm Testing • Fire Extinguisher • Lightning Protection •Legionnaires Testing


ETM Electrical Test Midlands offers a range of testing and certification services to support customers in managing compliance around electrical safety for new and existing installations.

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