How often do I need a PAT test?
There are no rules around how often your equipment needs a PAT test. It is entirely down to the ‘duty holder’ (the person tasked with responsibility for electrical equipment) to assess the risk level and decide on the frequency of inspections. This is usually determined by the type of equipment, how often it is being used and whether the working environment is considered high risk or low risk.

For example, a drill used daily on a construction site will need more frequent inspections than a vacuum cleaner in a holiday let.


Do I need to PAT test employees’ personal equipment?
Yes, you have a joint responsibility with your employee to maintain any equipment used by your employee for their job, including personal laptops, desk lighting, fans or any other electrical equipment they use, including leased items like photocopiers.

How much does a PAT test cost?
This will depend on the type of equipment and how many items are being tested, but PAT tests are an affordable way to meet your health and safety obligations. Etm Electrical Test Midlands  is proud to offer competitive prices, saving our customers up to 30%. You can call to one of our advisors today or get a quote online.

We understand that each sector have their own particular requirements regarding the planning and delivery of electrical safety, testing, installation, remedial works and reporting.
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