We are now all aware of the potential impact COVID-19 is likely to have on our businesses, organisations & private lives in the coming weeks and months.Increasing numbers of companies & public authorities are already emptying large buildings & encouraging staff to work from home. 


We have been contacted this week by two organisations who have been putting off EICR’s Electrical Installation Conditions Reports (Fixed Wire Testing) , compliance services works within their premises for months as they have been unable to make the areas available to us.


They have now implemented home working and are turning the situation into a positive by having essential works carried out whilst their staff are at home.In a similar vein, a local head teacher anticipating imminent school closure has asked if we can potentially bring forward summer works to next month. 


Those involved in having Electrical works carried out during the traditional summer school break, will know how difficult it can sometimes be to get works completed within a tight programme & not having to pay inflated prices to get it done!


Site closures offer our engineers the perfect opportunity to access Distribution Boards without limitations, which makes for efficient testing and reporting. 


Are you in a potentially similar situation? Do you have works you having waiting to get done? 


Does the idea of getting essential works done before the busiest period of the year at potentially reduced costs appeal to you?

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ETM Electrical Test Midlands offers a range of testing and certification services to support customers in managing compliance around electrical safety for new and existing installations.

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