This past year has been monumental not just for ETM but for everyone. The world completely changed in the matter of weeks. And a year ago today we had to shut our business. We had to tell our employees to stay at home and we had to let our clients down. This is something that we would never have imagined. But here we are. On the other side. And we can share our story.


On the 23rd March 2020, our world changed forever with the outbreak of COVID-19. We had to make the dreaded phone call to all our employees to stay at home. We had no real answer as to when we could all go back to work. This was a very testing time for everyone and their families.


Many things have changed in the past year, some changes are here to stay: the way we communicate and the way we work. Due to the rapid evolvement of the pandemic we had to rely on the guidelines and directions from the government. Our health and safety team had to work at a rapid pace in order to be in compliance and to ensure we could give and continue to give our clients the support and the high standard of work they expect from ETM because our ethos has been and will always be ‘Keeping you safe is our business’


Here at ETM we are inspired by the hard work exhibited by all our employees working throughout the pandemic to ensure our clients receive quality and efficient work during these challenging times. The pandemic has also strengthened our ties with our existing clients and also allowed us to welcome new clients to ensure their compliance needs are met. We were, and continue to be there for each and every one of our clients. We are grateful for their continued trust in us.


There is still a long way to go and as we look towards the rest of 2021, two things are certain: our commitment to ensuring the safety and compliance of our clients and our dedication to our employees and clients, while building a better and normal future for everyone.


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