What is an electrical test?
Electrical Testing is there to ensure that that the electrical installation sufficiently meets regulatory standards, This would be to ensure people or companies avoid regulatory penalties.

Keeping your business safe should be a top priority: Electrical testing is necessary to ensure that your building is risk-free and legally compliant. At Electrical Test Midlands, we help all types of businesses adhere to safety legislation by offering hassle-free testing across the UK.
Electrical inspection and test inspects assess a building’s hard wiring – including main panels, distribution boards, lighting, socket outlets and more. By visually inspecting and physically testing electrical systems, our expert engineers can manage any risks to your business and fix problems before they become dangerous. Call 01922 710014 now for a free, no obligation quote.
* Achieve and maintain compliance with all relevant regulations, including IET wiring regulations (BS7671)
* Help ensure the safety of your premises for staff and visitors
* Enable better planning of maintenance and repair programmes to spread costs
* Drive cost savings through early identification of ‘hotspots’ and potential breakdowns
* Reduce insurance premiums through electrical safety auditing
* Gain complete peace of mind from a trusted, independent inspection partner with no financial association to contractors
* One supplier to drive efficiency of inspections
* Innovative approach to inspections with online tools to add value including Swift, giving 24/7 access to inspection reports
* Expert team of qualified inspection engineers operating nationwide, supported by a central planning team
Electrical test Midlands Manager's spends a great deal of time at our project sites ensuring that all works carried out meet the very highest HSE standards keeping both our clients, their staff and Etm’s employees safe and compliant at all times. Multiple site inspections have been carried out in the last week.
Fully managed and communicated plan and project delivery, to suit your specific requirements. Call the ETM team and receive friendly, expert advice and assistance.
Whilst it’s not the law to carry out PAT testing, it is your responsibility to be accountable for health and safety and ensure the equipment you provide is safe to use. With this, you need to take into consideration how often it’s used and the nature of the equipment. It is best practice to have it PAT tested.
Feel free to contact ETM regardless of the size or complexity of your immediate or future requirements or your UK location; we are here to help you fulfil your obligations and ensure compliance.
Our friendly professional team of trained, experienced, qualified professionals are here to help you interpret the regulations, ensure your business meets your legal and insurance obligations and provide all of the relevant services for electrical testing, installations, repairs, remedial and reporting.
ETM are accredited specialists in the following areas, providing cost effective compliance services
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)Electrical InstallationElectrical InspectionFixed Wire TestingRepairs and Remedial
• Electrical Compliance • Energy MonitoringThermal ImagingEmergency Lighting Testing Fire Alarm Testing Fire ExtinguisherLightning ProtectionLegionnaires Testing
ETM Electrical Test Midlands offers a range of testing and certification services to support customers in managing compliance around electrical safety for new and existing installations.
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