Testing and Inspection Services for Lightning Protection Systems

The impact of a lightning strike varies every time, there’s no handbook with a written guarantee of what’s going to happen but there is a test. A systematic testing program is the only reliable way of uncovering risk vulnerabilities to a building when lightning strikes.

As professionals we recommend that a test of your lightning protection system is carried out every 11 months. By doing so over a twelve year period it will guarantee that your defence system has been monitored under all seasonal conditions.

Testing standards

In accordance with the BS EN 62305 standards, the testing will be exhaustive and complete in the first year and can be less elaborate visual inspections in subsequent years.

Everything will be gathered and documented about the building, the lightning protection system and the testing process. On top of this all materials used, the dimensions and the practices adopted are all reviewed and checked for adequacy.

A test and repairs will ensure that your structures and electronic installations are safe from the impact of a lightning strike. Within this process you will receive a detailed report that will list our findings as well as an explanation of what we recommend in order to make your structure safe.

Once you have checked through your report and approved any of our recommendations including the cost estimates, we can begin our work to improve your protection system. Whilst working in accordance with British and European standards, you’ll find that our quoted prices are quite low while the value of the services provided by our experience engineers is quite high.

Once the job is completed you’ll receive a certificate of compliance which will help you document that you have complied with statutory requirements. But, most importantly you can rest in the knowledge that your building and its electrical contents is safe.

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What our Customers think of Our Service

After a selection process ETM, have been working with us for over 5 years. Successfully managing our Fixed Wiring and PAT Testing. Commercially competitive for all remedial works and installations.

Ham Baker Adams, Fixed Wiring and Portable Appliance Testing

Over the last few years we have interacted with Electrical Test Midlands for Fixed Wire Testing and Electrical Compliance for many of our schools and our experience of their service has been excellent. Each schools’ requirements can be so different and ETM have accommodated each and every one without hesitation and to the highest standards. I would and do, happily recommend Electrical Test Midlands for their professional service they provide to us and the many schools who come to us for advice.

Mr B. M. - Statutory compliance manager

We have used the Electrical Testing Services of ETM for our whole site at Leicester. Beginning with a sample test in a small area to try them out, it soon became evident that this company were professional and knew what they were doing. I had absolutely no hesitation in awarding them more and more work. Having used many standard electrical testing companies in the past, it’s clear that ETM are a cut above as they work to such high standards. My requirements in needing my reports presenting in an unusual way was easily accommodated by ETM. They were happy to go above and beyond to present my reports in a way that suited me; nothing is too much trouble. I would recommend using ETM to anyone. From my initial communication with them, the personnel in the office, to the site engineers, I can’t recommend them enough.

Next PLC

Our appointment of ETM has helped us successfully install a refurbishment and installation of new electrical cabling throughout the factory and offices, whilst maintaining capacity and productivity. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to any organisation.

SPPC, Factory Wide Fixed Wire & Portable Electrical Installation

Some of our clients

Proud to have worked with:

  • Walsall Council
  • Stoke
  • Next
  • Minister Care Group
  • Finning
  • CES
  • Cambridge College
  • Salford University
  • Anchor Hanover
  • Northumbria Police
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