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The rise in electric vehicles (EVs) is reshaping transportation and infrastructure needs. As more people switch to EVs, the demand for convenient, reliable, and safe charging points is increasing rapidly. Installing EV charging points not only accommodates current EV owners but also encourages more people to make the switch to electric vehicles by alleviating concerns about charging availability.
Ensuring the safety and security of EV charging points is paramount, both for the users and the infrastructure itself. Proper installation, maintenance, and compliance with safety standards are crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the longevity of the charging infrastructure.
Businesses and municipalities that invest in EV charging infrastructure not only meet the needs of their community but also position themselves as leaders in sustainability and innovation. It's an exciting time for the EV industry, and the expansion of charging infrastructure plays a critical role in driving its continued growth.

Key Benefits

Electric vehicles allow customers to: 

  • Save on fuel 
  • Charge at services on long trips 
  • Reduce emissions 
  • Help the environment

Etm team are fully qualified to service and install all EV charging points across the country.

When etm conduct testing for EV chargers during the completion of EVSE I&T, the following steps are taken:

1. Verification that all necessary inspections have been carried out.

2. Ensure that the Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) is available from the Duty Holder.

3. Confirm that the Manufacturer’s instructions are available from the Duty Holder.

4. Check that the EVSE is not visibly damaged or defective.

5. Verify the presence of water with a degree of protection of at least IPX4.

6. Ensure there are no solid foreign bodies present with a degree of protection of at least IP4X.

7. Check for impact protection of at least AG3.

8. Confirm that the RCD disconnects all live conductors.

9. Ensure the correct type of RCD or RCD/RDC-DD combination is used.

10. Check for a mechanical system in place to prevent plug removal when the EVSE socket outlet is energized.

11. Display a warning notice of the maximum voltage present if required.

Tests etm conduct upon completion of EVSE I&T include:

1. Checking protective conductor continuity with R2 Ω from the main switch to the socket outlet.

2. Conducting an insulation resistance test between live conductors and CPC with MΩ from the main switch to the EVSE socket outlet.

3. Perform an Earth Fault (PE) Pre-test.

4. Set the Proximity Pilot (PP) State setting in Amps.

5. Measure the maximum earth fault loop impedance at the EVCE socket outlet with Zs Ω.

6. Determine if no EV is plugged in (A).

7. Determine if the EV is plugged in but not charging (B).

8. Determine if the EV is plugged in and charging (C).

9. Perform a Control Pilot (CP) Error check.

10. Perform an Earth Fault (PE) Error check.

11. Conduct an RCD functional test.

12. Determine the RCD operating time at 1∆n in milliseconds.

13. Determine the RCD operating time at 5∆n in milliseconds.

14. Check the RCD operating current DC Ramp in mA if required.


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