Electrical Test Midlands have been recognised as a competent electrical safety service provider, receiving electrical certificates from well-established standards, frameworks and regulatory bodies.

The organisations have a shared goal; they aim to raise industry standards and ensure best practice is being adhered to while supporting the interests of businesses and maintaining high levels of professionalism within the electrical sector. Together, Electrical Test Midlands promote excellence in the facilities management trade, assess electricians and invest in people, manage supply chains and conform to industry standards.

Having Electrical Test Midlands name on these exclusive lists of suppliers, exposes us to new opportunities and relationships, continually fulfilling our objective of nationwide electrical compliance.



ESPO Framework

We’ve been awarded a place on ESPO Framework to supply Electrical Testing Services Nationwide



Crescent Purchasing Consortium Framework

We’ve been awarded a place on crescent purchasing consortium (cpc) Framework 2019/2230 to supply Fixed Wire Testing Nationwide



Altius Supplier

The Highest Quality Suppliers. The Altius Network is reserved for the highest quality suppliers that either join to work for a specific client or simply want to show business competency. Over the past ten years Altius have worked on behalf of key clients to help them manage their supply chains effectively. The Altius Network of suppliers has grown significantly over this period to become one of the leading and innovative accreditation schemes in the country.



Fusion 21's Building Safety and Compliance Framework

We’ve been awarded a place  on Fusion 21's Building Safety and Compliance Framework


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Some of our clients

Proud to have worked with:

  • Walsall Council
  • Stoke
  • Next
  • Minister Care Group
  • Finning
  • CES
  • Cambridge College
  • Salford University
  • Anchor Hanover
  • Northumbria Police
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